Keel Square

    Sunderland, UK

    Photo Credits: LITE Ltd

    Saturated color floods Sunderland square

    Keel Square is a public space designed by the Sunderland city council to celebrate the Maritime and Industrial history of Sunderland. The area around the Sunderland Magistrates Court has been transformed into a public space with plans for many events and festivals to regenerate this part of the city.

    Focusing on the long history of sailing and shipbuilding in the region, a strong nautical theme runs through the column designs and street furniture of the square.

    LITE and Signify worked closely with the landscape architect and PFI contractor to develop a lighting installation to highlight the Victorian architecture of the square and become part of the overall dynamic new public space. ColorGraze Powercore and ColorReach Powercore gen2 (now specified with ReachElite) luminaires were used to flood the square with color-changing light. The result is lighting that creates an inviting mood throughout the square.

    Project credits


    City of Sunderland


    Lighting Design:

    City of Sunderland, Signify, Balfour Beatty



    Electrical Contractor:

    Balfour Beatty


    Certified System Integrator:

    LITE Ltd


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