International Youth Culture Centre

    Nanjing, China

    Futuristic landmark lights Nanjing

    It looks like a giant spaceship or a design from the set of Blade Runner.  This bold construction is the International Youth Culture Centre in Nanjing, China. Transforming the city’s skyline with a 16 million color palette and delighting locals and tourists alike, the façade of the 68-story building, which houses a five-star hotel and offices, costs less than EUR 114 a day to light. This is because the building uses an energy-efficient dynamic color-changing computer controlled LED lighting system from Signify. In this instance, the computer controlled LED lighting system saves an additional 60% in electricity used, compared to normal LED color lighting.

    A total of 700,000 nodes of iColor Flex MX LED lights accentuate the building’s fluidity and curves while Vaya Linear LED lights create the striking vertical lines. The 300 meter high structure looks even taller due to Vaya Flood LED lights which project into the night sky. The lighting system enables the building owners to change colors and create spectacular light shows with a click of a mouse button.

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