Harrah's Atlantic City Resort & Casino

    Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

    Photo Credits: Tim Hunter Design

    Casino façade rolls with 44-story tumblin’ dice

    To get attention in Atlantic City and differentiate its exterior from that of its neighbors, Harrah's Resort and Casino created the world's largest outdoor video display by covering the façade of the 44-story Waterfront Tower in a linear array of over 4,500 iColor Accent Powercore luminaires.

    Approximately 33,000 linear feet — almost six linear miles — of LED-based "tubes" wrap around the four facades of the Waterfront Tower. From dusk to dawn, the entire building turns into a large video screen displaying scenes that range from the celestial (stars, comets, shooting stars) to the patriotic (a waving American flag and fireworks) to the casino-inspired (rolling dice, scrolling card suits).

    With control resolution down to 1.2 inch increments, iColor Accent Powercore allows designers to put video and dynamic effects where they have never gone before — without the large price tag and cumbersome installation requirements of most high resolution displays.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    John Levy Productions

    Design and Programming:

    Tim Hunter Design

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