Grand Île's Historic Center

    Strasbourg, France

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    Rejuvenating beautiful buildings on a picturesque island

    "The execution of any lighting plan must respect the architectural and urban compositions. And in the case of LED, it is also flexible to control the quality of white light." - Jean-Yves Soetinck, lighting designer, Acte Lumière


    Grand Île is a treasure trove of historic beauty. This picturesque island, situated in the historic center of Strasbourg, offers a panorama of architectural delights and scenic river banks. Could a new lighting concept help tourists and residents to rediscover the area?


    The sights at Grand Île are a true feast for the eyes. The UNESCO world heritage site is home to the Strasbourg Cathedral, the museum of history, the old customs house and much more. However, a number of the buildings were shrouded in darkness. An up-to-date lighting system would make the illumination more consistent and reveal the remarkable elements of the buildings.


    LED landscape lighting was ideal. DecoScene LED floodlights were used to highlight the amazing architecture with a range of color temperatures. By playing with a number of tones, the lighting designers were able to accentuate the different architectural details. The buildings now stand out from the skyline with a glow that reflects in the waters below.


    Closer to the waterline, bridges and walls are brought to life with LEDline2 luminaires and iW Blast Powercore floodlights. By bathing the stone surfaces in subtly colored sheets of light, the lights have turned every dark spot into a unique decorative element. The Grand Île panorama now takes on an enchanting quality at night, inspiring visitors and locals with its breathtaking beauty.


    The lighting at the Place du Château ensures a gentle transition between the ground and the facades, highlighting upper parts while limiting the amount of shadows cast. The result is a majestic appearance that has rejuvenated the area.

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    City of Strasbourg


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    Jean Yves Soetinck, Bureau d’étude Ecotral




    Citeos Strasbourg

    Eiffage Strasbourg


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