Flushing Ganesh Temple

    Queens, New York, USA

    Photo Credits: John Brandon Miller

    Hindu temple pioneers dynamic LED lighting

    The Flushing Ganesh Temple in Queens, New York, USA, features an intricate architectural design steeped in cultural significance. But dull white light from an outdated lighting system did little to highlight the emblematic hand-carved art that spans each of the temple's five towers. Temple president Dr. Uma Mysorekar and temple trustees set out to implement a new lighting solution that would energize the towers and suffuse the beautiful architecture with rich color-changing light.

    After watching a demonstration showcasing the dynamic capabilities of Color Kinetics ColorBurst Powercore LED luminaires — including the fact that the luminaires can be easily programmed to create color-changing light shows — Dr. Mysorekar and her team were confident that these powerful luminaires would far outperform the existing outdated lighting system. White light from the old fixtures positioned at the base of each tower was so weak that it did not even reach the tops of the towers. To ensure complete and proper illumination, the installation team mounted ColorBurst Powercore luminaires along the back and sides, and across the top, of each tower.

    The temple now displays breathtaking light shows every night, beginning around 8 PM and running until midnight. The lights have garnered an enthusiastic response from the public, as people from all different faiths congregate to watch and snap pictures. "The lights have brought a completely new look to our temple, which has helped us tremendously with gaining recognition," Dr. Mysorekar said.

    The vibrant new lighting system has also helped the Flushing Ganesh Temple break new ground: it's now the first Hindu temple to showcase color-changing LED luminaires on its towers. "This is something extraordinary, and I'm so proud that our Hindu temple is the first to ever do this," Dr. Mysorekar said. "It has really made a powerful impression, not just on our devotees, but also on other cultures that wish to observe the temple."
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    Flushing Ganesh Temple President:

    Dr. Uma Mysorekar


    Tom Grasing


    Vilas Parab

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