Çamlıca Mosque

    Istanbul, Turkey

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    Understated lighting for the largest mosque in Turkey

    Inspired by Ottoman architecture, construction of the 57,500 m2 (61,900 sq ft) Çamlıca Mosque was completed in 2019. The largest mosque in the history of the Republic of Turkey, it features 6 minarets and provides the capacity to hold 63,000 people. The diameter of the main dome is 34 m (111 ft) and rises 72 m (236 ft) high to symbolize the 72 nations living in Istanbul.


    Incorporating symbolic elements of Istanbul, the lighting design simulates sunrise and sunset. Approximately 6,000 Color Kinetics Graze MX4 Powercore luminaires and custom Graze luminaires with white (2200 K – 4000 K), amber, and blue LEDs were specified. All housings were produced in a RAL color that matched the façade.


    The Graze luminaires primarily illuminate the many domes of the roof, the minarets, and the exterior walls of the structure. The luminaires located on the ground floor of the courtyard were placed in recessed, in-ground enclosures to avoid damage from pedestrian traffic. ActiveSite enables remote monitoring, management, and maintenance of the installation.


    Visible from all over Istanbul, the illuminated mosque is stunning. Part of a larger, visionary project to invest in Istanbul, the iconic new mosque campus is anticipated to drive tourism and economic growth.

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