Bastions of Light

    Badajoz, Spain

    Breathing new life into a historic city

    Badajoz is a Spanish city of amazing history. Located near the Portuguese border, it contains many heritage sites and antiquities that reflect bygone eras of war. Wanting to boost tourism and nightlife, the city commissioned a lighting project that would showcase six of its most iconic areas.


    The ambitious project aimed to shine a spotlight on Badajoz’s unique heritage. By showcasing the historical sites with architectural lighting, the city could transform itself from a frontier town, built for war, to an attractive tourist destination. However, the lights also had to be low maintenance and energy-efficient.


    Signify was ready to make history. A number of LED solutions were used to bathe the sites in dynamic color scenes. The Puenta Palme bridge was transformed into a glorious glowing landmark, adorned with crystalline lights that reflect wonderfully in the waters below. The Plaza Alta became a head-turning masterpiece of light and architecture, with inspiring illumination delivered by ColorReach luminaires (now specified with ReachElite). The lights shine colors up through the arches, creating captivating shadow effects. In the Plaza center, Metronomis LED lanterns deliver flawless visibility with a creative flare that adds to the atmosphere.


    The lighting project has helped Badajoz moved forward. Hotel occupancy has already increased by 6%, and the city’s annual income was raised by 360,000 Euros in 2012. This is a magnificent result, especially considering the economic crisis and the fact that visitors to Badajos are mainly from Spain.

    The initial investment of roughly one million Euros will be paid back within two years. This quick repayment was made possible through the added tourism income, and the 79% energy and maintenance savings delivered by LED.

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    City of Badajoz, Spain


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