Admirant Canopy

    Eindhoven, The Netherlands

    Photo Credits: Livingprojects

    From wind to wow

    It not uncommon for icy winds to rush through the trendy Emmasingel shopping district in Eindhoven. So, to make the area more pleasant for visitors, shopkeepers, and residents, a 750-square meter glass canopy was installed on The Admirant residential tower in 2015 to shield passersby from the bitter winds.


    The massive glass canopy also provided a unique opportunity to serve as a canvas for an interactive light art installation that would beautify the area. In collaboration with lighting designer, Ellen de Vries and the LUX LAB, Color Kinetics partner, Livingprojects, installed an interactive LED grid called, ‘Don’t break the sound barrier.’ During the light festival, ‘Glow,’ the installation provided interaction between the light and people passing by. The LED grid reacts to the sounds people produce under the canopy by displaying a wide variety of captivating shapes and colors. Spectators enjoy working together to discover all the possible combinations.


    Approximately 2500 Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2 luminaires (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) were selected for their reliability to deliver high-intensity, full-color effects for the large installation, as well as the project's adjacency to the Philips Museum. They were mounted 12 meters above street level using a custom bracket and diffuser and spaced at distances of +/- 60cm and 100cm apart. A Pharos LPC provides control and management of the system and Color Kinetics CM-150 CA control modules (+/- 20) deliver integrated data and power to the system.


    A landmark in Eindhoven, the dynamic lighting on the The Admirant canopy lives on as a permanent light art display, continuing to WOW all who experience it.

    Project credits




    Lighting Designer:

    Ellen de Vries and the LUX LAB






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