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Be’er Sheva Bridge

Be’er Sheva, Israel

Photo Credits: Amit Geron

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The 210 m (689 ft) Be’er Sheva Bridge in Israel traverses a series of railway tracks, providing a much-needed connection between the railway station and the technologies park as well as a unique and significant point of reference in the evolving landscape. Bar-Orian Architects designed the bridge with an expressive structure that is left visible and comprises over 200 different steel-beam cross sections that support four intersecting arches, creating the two eye-shaped forms.

The lighting design for the bridge, done by Orly Avron Alkabes Ltd., was very much derived from the architecture. The goal was to tell the same story at night as during the day. There was a process of deciding what elements to light at night. The result is that the bridge almost appears to be hovering at night as if it were lifted off the ground to allow the trains to pass underneath. Graze eW Powercore 10 x 60 luminaires were subtly integrated in the structure along with Lutron Controllers and Data Enabler Pro power/data supplies to create a rhythm that enhances the flow of the structure at night. There is a strong sense of safety and security at night, while still providing a relaxed and intimate atmosphere on the bridge.

Project Credits

Lighting Designer:
Orly Avron Alkabes Ltd.

Bar-Orian Architects


nes lighting-project manager- golan sade

Electrical Contractor:
Tiktin electrical consulting and planning

Rokach Ashkenazi - Consulting Engineers