World Cup Bridge

    Seoul, South Korea

    Photo Credits: Sejeon Lighting

    A symbolic bridge plays the music of light

    Constructed to relieve traffic congestion between the northwest and southwest regions of Seoul, the impressive 1980 m (6,496 ft) long and 31.4 m (103 ft) wide World Cup Bridge connects Sangam-dong, Yeomchang-dong, and Yangpyeong-dong. Completed in September 2021, this bridge is the first asymmetric composite bridge on the Han River and symbolizes the 10-story stone pagoda of the Wongaksa Temple Site, which is the National Treasure No. 2 of Korea.


    The lighting design for the new bridge represents ‘the string of light that plays the music of light as a new milestone.’ An LED system was needed to achieve this unique concept due to its energy and luminous efficiency, light distribution control, and low maintenance costs.


    An end-to-end Color Kinetics LED lighting system was selected for its advanced lighting technologies, superior quality of light, and ease of installation. ColorReach Powercore, gen2, RGBW, 5° Spread Lens (36), 290 W and 145 W (now specified with ReachElite High Punch) provide color-changing floodlighting on the 100 m (328 ft) high tower and main bridge surface. The tower lighting provides structural volume in the design.


    Reach Powercore 43° Spread Lens, 290 W (6) and 145 W, 5° x 17° Spread Lens (12) mounted to the back of the girders throw colorful light down on the pier beneath the bridge. The entire system is controlled by Color Kinetics Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) and powered by Data Enabler Pro.


    The formative beauty of the asymmetric cable-stayed bridge is expressed in three dimensions through the direction and intensity of light creating an inviting waterfront atmosphere.


    “Representing the new Seoul, the World Cup Bridge has established itself as a symbolic bridge that is attracting public attention, as well as public officials in Seoul for its beautiful scenery and symbolism.” –Seungmoon, Jeong, CEO of Sejeon Lighting

    Project credits


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government's Urban Infrastructure Headquarters


    Lighting Designer:

    Sejeon Lighting




    Samsung C&T



    Samsung C&T



    Sejeon Lighting


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