Data Enabler Pro

    Integrated data and power for intelligent LED lighting luminaires employing Powercore technology

    Data Enabler Pro delivers integrated data and power to intelligent color and tunable white LED lighting luminaires employing Powercore technology from Color Kinetics. Data Enabler Pro integrates many of the features of the previous generation of Data Enablers, including Data Enabler DMX, Data Enabler Ethernet, and Data Enabler EO. Data Enabler Pro is the single solution for all intelligent Powercore-based installations, whether DMX or Ethernet, color or white, indoors or outdoors.


    • Easy installation
      Accessible, clearly labeled terminal block connectors for DMX, Ethernet, line voltage, and luminaires make installation easy. Tethered cover with captive screws ensures convenient removal and replacement.

    • On-board diagnostics
      On-board indicator LEDs provide visual feedback for normal operation, Ethernet connection detection, and Ethernet and DMX data transmission.

    • Outdoor-rated for use in damp and wet environments
      Data Enabler Pro offers superior leakage protection in a cast aluminium, IP66-rated enclosure.

    • Universal power input range
      Data Enabler Pro automatically senses mains voltages ranging from 100 to 277 VAC, and passes mains voltages through to all connected lights.

    • Environment
      Dry/Damp/Wet Location, IP66

    • Made to Stock
      Some items in this family are eligible for our North American Made to Stock program. Find out more >

    • Supports luminaires employing Powercore technology
      Powercore technology rapidly, efficiently, and accurately controls power output to LED lighting luminaires directly from line voltage. Data Enabler Pro merges line voltage and control data and delivers them to Powercore luminaires over a single cable, dramatically simplifying installation and lowering total system cost.

    • Full support for DMX and Ethernet
      Provides inputs and outputs for both DMX and Ethernet, allowing you to connect multiple Data Enabler Pro devices in series. Also provides an Ethernet output terminal for eW Accent MX Powercore and iColor Accent MX Powercore support.

    • Multiple conduit entries
      Data Enabler Pro conduit entries accommodate NPT conduit in US trade sizes of 1/2 in and 3/4 in, or metric sizes of PG13 and PG21.

    • Designed for maximum energy efficiency
      Data Enabler Pro consumes just 20 W maximum. Optional power-saving modes automatically cut power to attached lights when lights are off for a configurable number of minutes.

    • Regulatory Listings
      UL/cUL, FCC Class A, CE, C-Tick