Vaya Tube


    Stand out from the crowd 


    Bring new beauty and motion to buildings, bridges, and more with continuous lines of light that glow, change color, and display effects.  

    Vaya Tube helps formerly invisible buildings stand out from the crowd—attracting customers and crowds. Our lightweight, simple-to-install luminaires mount directly to the surface of wide-ranging structures, highlighting their lines and creating a new way to get attention. All with maximum reliability and value. 


    Inspiring creativity


    Vaya Tube delivers much more than just accent lighting. It gives you the chance to explore fascinating new effects. Create a screen of light that will convey an image or your brand’s message. Highlight the stunning architectural details of your building. You can even change your lighting depending on the time of day or season. It’s already working in applications around the world, from casinos and restaurants to landmark bridges and high-speed railway lines.



    Slim and lightweight


    Vaya Tube has a streamlined profile and a reduced weight, making it discreet when installed in your building’s ceiling or facades.



    Vaya Tube White delivers flux and on-axis intensity of up to 900 lm/200 cd, while Vaya Tube RGBW provides up to 462.3 lm / 102 cd. It’s highly visible light, even at a distance.

    Wide viewing angle


    With a 165° translucent lens, you’ll get a stunning band of flawless light – giving you attention for all the right reasons.

    Complete control


    You have the flexibility to control individual nodes, allowing you to create large-scale media or graphical content. Use your imagination to engage your audience in new and exciting ways.

    Longer runs


    Use both ports on the CM-150 CA gen2 Control Module to cover up to 24 m (80 ft). Your Vaya Tube luminaires will go the distance.

    Tough under pressure


    All of our luminaires have been through rigorous corrosion, vibration, and harsh weather testing. That’s why we’re confident they’ll serve you well for many years to come.

    Easy Installation


    Snap-lock connectors make installation faster and easier for everyone. The connections are all completely watertight too, so outside applications aren’t a problem.


    Link your Vaya Tube system to an Ethernet connection, DMX controller or third-party device for precise and responsive control. Vaya Tube integrates seamlessly with other Vaya luminaires in the same installation, as well as with third-party systems.


    Take a closer look

    Choose the right Vaya Tube luminaire for your needs.

    Tube Products

    RGB - High-brightness R, G, B, W, LEDs which produce better-quality white light as compared to RGB.

    White - White light in 3000 K, and 4000 K