Troxy Theatre

    London, England, United Kingdom

    Photo Credits: Courtesy of Troxy, London

    Revitalizing a venerable London theater

    In 1933, Troxy opened to the public as a formal movie theater, complete with an organ, chandeliers, and restaurants within the building. By the 1980s, the site had become a place for playing Bingo, before its most recent transformation into an events venue.

    With its transformation, the current owners wanted to revamp the lighting inside the theatre without foregoing the once magical and antique atmosphere of the building. Using an LED solution from Color Kinetics, the building was transformed into a modern-day art deco theater. The new lighting solution for the Troxy had to complement, rather than overpower, the 1930s architecture.

    In 2013, Color Kinetics partnered with Architainment, Ltd. to install lighting on the exterior façade of the building. Among the installed luminiares are Burst Powercore, ColorBlast TRX, and ColorBlast Powercore.

    The new Color Kinetics products coordinate with the existing lighting system through a tailored web interface created by Architainment's Technical Services team. This allows the owners to save set themes and colors in the system, including a bright blue that is custom to the Troxy Theatre.

    Thanks to the new lighting solution, theater visitors are now able to enjoy the old-fashioned 1930s atmosphere among dynamic and innovative lighting.
    Project credits

    System Design:

    Architainment, Ltd.

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