Stadion Center

    Vienna, Austria

    Photo Credits: Color Kinetics

    Video wall features digital skin

    Stadion Center offers over 19,974 m2 (215,000 sq ft) of shops and restaurants and an innovative façade that, at 640m2 (6,889 sq ft), is the largest video wall in Europe. The building’s designers envisioned a state-of-the art video façade that could display advertisements, logos, and artistic video effects. To achieve this design, the Center was wrapped in a ‘digital skin’ using iColor Flex SLX, (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) a flexible strand comprised of multiple RGB LED nodes. Each node is individually controllable, allowing them to act as pixels in intricate designs and video shows.

    Installed on flexible mesh, the video screen wraps around the building’s main entrance. During the day, the screen is virtually invisible, allowing an unobstructed view of traditional illuminated signs mounted directly against the building. At dusk, the video façade alters the shape of the building and virtually transforms it into an eye-catching video screen.
    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Jurgen Hassler, Make it Real GmbH

    Manfred Necker, Sineplan Ingenieurburo


    Lighting Representative

    Hermann Klein, IG Immobilien Management GmbH

    Audio / Video Content:

    Herr Koppel, Indutherm Planungs GmbH


    Project Management:

    Alexander Weckmer, Mediensysteme GmbH

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