Rooty Hill RSL

    Sydney, Australia

    Photo Credits: Michel Goupy, Xenian Living Light

    Extraordinary lighting makes a visual centerpiece bloom

    Rooty Hill RSL is a luxurious club and resort that attracts millions of patrons per year. Located in the western region of Sydney, the club offers a wide selection of restaurants, function, and conference facilities, including its latest top-class space—the Waratah Room—which welcomes guests with an extraordinary Color Kinetics installation.

    The Waratah Room was designed to host numerous events, from weddings, parties and performances, to seminars and product launches. Its visual centerpiece is a flower-shaped lighting installation in the ceiling that dynamically changes color to suit varying moods and events. The ‘flower’ is actually comprised of 2,200 nodes of iColor Flex SL—a flexible, LED-based strand of light (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB). Each tri-color LED node is individually addressable, allowing for intricately designed effects and sequences. The strands were easily mounted into the flower-shaped groove in the ceiling.

    Surrounding the flower is a circular cove measuring approximately 12 m (40 ft) in diameter. This space is lit by 160 units of iColor Cove QL (now specified with PureStyle Compact Powercore, IntelliHue), which fills the groove with saturated colors that complement the flower’s dynamic patterns. Elsewhere in the room there are 72 iColor MR gen2 lamps installed in the ceiling to wash the perimeter panels and metallic blinds with color.

    All of the LED lighting effects were authored and controlled with Light System Manager, which facilitates the design and management of complex lighting installations. Light System Composer software provides a simple, graphical user interface for show authoring, while Light System Engine is the Ethernet-based hardware controller that stores and plays a large quantity of effects. An intuitive Ethernet Controller Keypad allows the end user to easily choose from a number of stored light shows—ensuring a highly customizable space for each event.
    Project credits

    Interior Design:

    Roger Pyke, Pyke Design


    James Clifford, James Clifford Construction

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