PIK Avenue

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Photo Credits: Cédric Helsly

    Creating an icon with light

    By using dynamic lighting, the façade of PIK  Avenue brilliantly demonstrates how LED lighting can give a building energy and vibrancy.


    “Light must create emotions and excitement. The LED fixtures generate a layer like an extra skin over the building, enhancing the design and beauty of the building” - Paul Gunawan, Lighting Designer


    Because of the building’s volume and the need to create an impression at a distance, standard techniques or readymade solutions were out of the question.


    The architecture’s complexity called for customizable lighting technologies that allow for flexibility while meeting the requirements for low power and reliability in such an ambitious project.


    Integrated illumination

    Integrating effective lighting in façades is one of the most interesting aspects of a lighting designer’s work. PIK’s integrated illumination required countless exchanges with the architects and technicians to ensure that in daylight the devices didn’t look like artificial outgrowths.


    Signify advised the project team on creating different lighting scenarios, providing various samples and assisting in finalizing the outcome. As a result, the team chose to illuminate PIK with horizontal lines in order to respect the building’s distinctive architecture. Signify Certified System Integrator Chayolite played a key role in realizing the façade’s shining magnificence.


    LED nodes and lighting design

    The product used was iColor Flex LMX gen2, (now specificed with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) which consists of flexible strands of large, high-intensity, full-color LED nodes designed for extraordinary effects and large installations, without constraints of luminaire size, shape, or space. Each strand comprises 50 individually addressable LED nodes, with dynamic integration of power, communication, and control. Lighting designer Paul Gunawan: “It’s obvious that we can’t get away with any other light sources. A system that can be controlled in this way, that can project colors and provide brilliance, is only available with LEDs. We need what LEDs offer, along with the wiring system and the power distributors; it’s part of those things that conventional lighting cannot do”.


    Iconic impression

    The architecture of PIK avenue is a remarkable achievement, especially its façade, which draws in the surrounding space with its majestic curves. The dynamic lighting not only promotes the building itself but the whole area and makes it more vibrant and exciting.


    Integration in architecture

    The horizontal lines of LED lighting support the façade and make it possible to understand the architecture even at night.


    Scalability and flexibility

    The Color Kinetics LED system is designed for extraordinary effects and large installations, without  constraints of luminaire size, shape, or space and integrating power, communication, and control.


    Sustainability and durability

    Color Kinetics meet the requirements for low power and reliability. The use of these products guarantees that the installation is sustainable and durable.

    Project credits


    PT Multi Artha Pratama


    Lighting Designer:

    Paul Gunawan, Litac Consultant




    PTI Architects


    Certified System Integrator:



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