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Meydan VIP Bridge and Royal Bridge

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Signify

Dubai bridges undulate with ribbons of light

Every year, VIPs and members of the Royal family attend the spectacular Dubai World Cup at the Meydan Race Course. The VIPs and the royal family access the race course by crossing a special route over the Meydan VIP Bridge and its extension, the Royal Bridge.

In order to elevate the prominence of this route and to create an architectural landmark in the city, it was decided that the bridge should be illuminated. The project required a maintenance-free linear solution that would emit blue light and that could be easily integrated into the architecture and blend seamlessly with the undulations of the bridge.

The solution was Color Kinetics eColor Graze Powercore LED grazing luminaires, in royal blue. eColor Graze Powercore produced the requested shade of blue light while providing a maintenance-free and energy-efficient solution. The 610 mm (2 ft) luminaires perfectly matched the undulations of the bridge, making it easy to install in time for the Dubai World Cup. The illuminated bridge, seen by millions of visitors, creates a spectacular display of blue ribbons against the night sky, and serves as a special VIP entrance for the royal family and their guests.
Project credits

Specified - Aurecon New Zealand

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