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    Lexus is known not only for its advanced, stylish and high-quality car models, but also for its excellent service level.


    The Lexus automobile store in Kaivoksela, Vantaa, Finland experienced a complete renovation, which also included lighting up the brand.



    Lexus Kaivoksela's revitalized showroom supports a first-class customer experience. Signify delivered a new lighting concept to Vantaa's Kaivoksela Lexus store as one of the first Lexus stores in the world.


    The large blue L-shaped light in the ceiling is designed with iColor Flex LMX gen2 (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) and refers to the Lexus L-Finesse-design philosophy. When events are organized, the color of the L and the lowered ceiling lights can easily be changed. In addition, Signify provided Spotlights and Downlights.


    Benefits of Solution

    High-quality lighting has been created for the Lexus brand to create the comfortable environment required for customers. The design reflects the needs of the customer and the Lexus brand.


    "In the interior of our new Lexus store, lighting plays an important role. The lights can create a comfortable harmonious atmosphere in the store, and with lighting, the store has in some ways also been divided into different compartments. The cars are illuminated with bright spots and they have also been imported with the Led Ribbon modifiable color scheme. On the other hand, in the cloak room there is a nice warm lighting," says Lexus Kaivoksela's sales manager Pasi Hagström and continues:

    "Choosing the color of a car is also easier with natural-looking light, so you do not have to go outside to see what color looks like. Of course, saving electricity with modern LED technology is also a major issue."


    “The lights can create a comfortable harmonious atmosphere in the store." — Sales Manager Pasi Hagström, Lexus Kaivoksela

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