Joy Station

    Sofia, Bulgaria

    Photo Credits: Petar Cholakov with all usage rights

    Entertainment center enlivened by vibrant lights

    Joy Station, a new generation multi-functional entertainment center, opened in October 2013 to provide fun, activity, relaxation, and a cool atmosphere for the people of Sofia, Bulgaria. The first floor stages local and international music acts every week, and the second floor is home to a 20-lane bowling alley. The club also offers darts, billiards, video games, simulators, table soccer, a restaurant, and bars.

    The colorful lighting of the club is all part of the experience. Joy Station commissioned the use of LED luminaires throughout the entertainment center. Color Kinetics, Bronlight Ltd., and the building's architects collaborated on the project, which intended to increase energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, and reduce CO2 emissions while creating a unique and interesting atmosphere.

    Color Kinetics iColor Fuse Powercore, iColor Flex MX (now specified as Flex Micro gen3, RGB), iColor Flex LMX (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB), ColorBlast Powercore, ColorGraze Powercore (now specified with ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore), and Burst Powercore luminaires were installed throughout the club. Altogether, nearly 10,000 LED light points bathe the entire club in saturated, full-color and white light. The color-changing capabilities transformed Joy Station into a canvas of possibility. The LED lighting system was also chosen for its durability and remarkable energy savings.

    The party starts before guests enter the nightclub, as strands of iColor Flex MX full-color LED nodes transform the building's exterior wall and entranceway into dual video screens. Architects designed a tiled façade and installed the iColor Flex MX nodes between each tile. The effect highlights the lines of the tiling and creates one of the outside screens. iColor Flex MX was also installed behind the translucent material covering the entrance canopy to create the second video screen.

    ColorFuse Powercore backlights the glass front around the bar and highlights the zigzag architectural feature surrounding the bar, creating a colorful centerpiece on the first floor. ColorGraze Powercore luminaires graze walls throughout the club, and Burst Powercore wash lights fill a specially made translucent tube that projects light in all directions. The locally-made tubes hang above the bar on the first and second floors and above the bowling racks, giving the lighting a unique and fun feel. ColorFuse Powercore and ColorGraze Powercore linear LED luminaires light the bowling lanes.
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    Evropa – VN Ltd.

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