Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert 

    Brussels, Belgium

    Photo Credits: Signify Belgium

    Historic shopping arcade lit with whites and color

    Associated with the project since its conception, the company Magic Monkey actively cooperated with the Royal Commission of Monuments and Sites to come up with lighting that provided the classic look of white light, with the option of dynamic color for special events. The result is a highlight that gives Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert a modern charisma while respecting the historical character of its architecture.


    "The lighting rehabilitates the spirit of the Galleries at their inauguration, in 1847. It is believed to review the flames gas from girandoles era. While offering the opportunity to create dynamic and colorful shows," says Marc Largent, Managing Director and founder of Magic Monkey.

    The white light had to be perfect. Not too bright, nor too dull. "In the glass roof, the lights are discreet. They broadcast a warm white hue,” says Dimitri Zeler, Project Manager at Signify. Thanks to IntelliHue luminaires from Color Kinetics, the  system also allows for a wide palette of colors. From a single point, it is possible to order colorful games of light. "The advantage for the customer is that it benefits from a totally revolutionary technology, adapted to the prestige of the place."

    Project credits

    Site Manager:

    Louis Holvoet 


    Lighting Design:

    Magic Monkey



    Collignon ENG

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