One System, Diverse Luminaires: Unified control of Color Kinetics, Vaya, and 3rd-party luminaires 

    Unified control of Color Kinetics, Vaya, and 3rd-party luminaires 


    The Details

    Light System Manager gen6 (LSM gen6) connects via Ethernet to Color Kinetics low-voltage FlexElite luminaires powered by PDS-400 48V CA4, and Vaya Tube luminaires through CM-150 CA gen2—and 3rd-party RDM luminaires via Multi-Protocol Converter. 


    The Scenario

    Here a multi-story building delights visitors with a large, immersive one-of-a-kind entrance lit with LED luminaires from Color Kinetics, Vaya, and 3rd-party theatrical luminaires. Through an Ethernet-based lighting system, LSM gen6 provides colorful pre-programmed light shows to Color Kinetics FlexElite luminaires, Vaya Tube luminaires via a CM-150 CA gen2, and Vari-Lite VL5 series luminaires integrated with Multi-Protocol Converter (1 DMX universe), or Luminex Luminode. 


    The direct view and theatrical luminaires work seamlessly together, transforming the entryway into dramatic light art, including a nightly sunset display which morphs into hourly dynamic shows. Pre-programmed light shows are interspersed to mark seasons, festivals and events. But special occasion light shows are easily uploaded to the LSM gen6, providing timely updates without ever having to go on-site.

    Experience and Expertise in All Areas of Control

    At Color Kinetics, we’re committed to delivering sophisticated LED lighting controls systems that meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

    We deliver integrated systems.

    You get a complete (and fully integrated) system—not a set of components that have to be pieced together into a system.


    We’re experts in controlling LED lighting systems.

    As experts and innovators, we can offer you real-world advice, clear answers, and all the support you need to make your vision a reality. 


    Integration is in our DNA.

    Meticulous integration means no guesswork—just high quality and year-after-year reliability.  


    We’re committed to industry standards and interoperability.

    In short, we play well with others—an important quality that gives you the freedom to choose the 3rd party solution that works best for your needs.


    We’re dedicated to sustainability and energy-efficient solutions. 

    Energy efficiency and sustainability aren’t an option anymore—they’re critical to our future. 

    We’re committed to technological innovation at all levels.  

    When you choose Color Kinetics, you benefit from our significant investment in advanced, enabling technologies that raise color and light quality—as well as system-level reliability—to new heights.


    Our experts have broad and deep experience in lighting systems.  

    Access to our responsive experts and certified system integrators can help answer questions and achieve the results you want. 


    We have a history of innovation—but our focus is on the future.  

    We pioneered early LED lighting solutions, but we continue to focus on developing next-generation systems. We’re a dedicated, long-term partner that you can turn to for innovation, expertise, and support. 

    Real-world examples

    The accompanying photos show real-world examples of similar projects, with hundreds more in the Color Kinetics Showcase. The clear message behind these diverse scenarios and impressive projects? Anything is possible with Color Kinetics. And we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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