Cherokee Casino Fort Gibson

    Fort Gibson, Oklahoma, USA

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    Making a bet on LED lighting

    Cherokee Casino Fort Gibson is one of several Oklahoma casinos owned by the Native American Cherokee people of the United States. Covering 2,648 sq m (28,500 sq ft), the casino offers 500 electronic gaming machines, a bar, a full-service restaurant, and an entertainment area, which hosts musical performances and other events.

    Cherokee Casino Fort Gibson is located near the historical site of Fort Gibson, an early American military installation built to protect the American frontier from invasion during warfare with Native Americans. Constructed in 1824 on the Grand River, the landmark is an integral piece of America's western culture, placed on the United States' National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmark lists.

    Inspired by local history, the Cherokee Nation wished to model their newest casino after this treasured landmark so that the imaginative, yet familiar design of Fort Gibson would draw visitors to the destination. To do this, they commissioned design firm I-5 Design and Manufacture to build, plan, and realize their vision of distinguishing the casino from all others by transforming it into a replica of the famed Oklahoma fort.

    Custom materials for Cherokee Casino Fort Gibson were constructed by I-5's in-house craftsman and shipped directly to the casino, including five-sided custom chandeliers, a ceiling beam, wall murals, cultured stone, and a wood beam for the entryway. Collaborating with the tribe's architect to draft the design concept, I-5 determined that the casino interior required a color-changing, programmable LED lighting solution from Color Kinetics to provide integrated multi-colored illumination for the casino's ceiling beam structure.

    iColor Cove QLX Powercore luminaires (now specified as PureStyle Compact Powercore, IntelliHue) were installed on Fort Gibson Casino's expansive overhead ceiling beam to reinforce the casino's playful atmosphere with vivid color-changing light. With wide beam angles, the luminaires deliver a stunning polychromatic glow, further enhancing the casino's stone and wood architecture.

    Since completion in 2013, the installation has been an all-around success, exceeding the Cherokee Nation's expectations in creating a lively display that not only increases the casino's revenue, but also pleases customers and honors the rich heritage of Oklahoma.
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