Central Plaza - Lambramani Park Shopping Mall

    Arequipa, Peru

    Photo Credits: Natalia Távara, LED-LS PERU

    Experience of light and color attracts mall visitors

    Lambramani Park Mall is one of the most dynamic areas in the Arequipa region of Peru, offering more than 100 shops, a variety of restaurants, and family entertainment in the 30,000 sq m (98,000+ sq ft) space.


    Mall developer, Parque Arauco, decided to undertake a general renovation of the retail complex to increase visitors. The plan included construction of a large glass roof over the Central Plaza food court, which required an efficient lighting design to highlight the unique architectural details of the structure. The goal was to establish Central Plaza as the heart of the shopping center by using state-of-the-art lighting to display attractive colorful effects that would create a more functional commercial space by day and night.


    Lighting designer, Rie Sakata, devised a solution using Color Kinetics Vaya Tube luminaires mounted on the inner face of the 19 m (62 ft) high metal roof structure to highlight and give prominence to its geometric design. The 4 ft. long fixtures are distributed over the 1,600 m2 (17,000 sq ft) structure in continuous lines, fitting perfectly within the square and triangular segments of the structure. Vaya Tube’s lightweight, versatile, and slim profile easily integrates into the existing metal structure to provide engaging graphics and dynamic content that reinvigorates the space.


    Using a digital controller, daily and special light shows can be scheduled with unique effects for special events, holidays, and other themes. During the day, beautiful natural light enters the roof windows, while at night, the roof illuminates, lighting the interior with soft dynamic light that perfectly unifies with the building’s architecture. Colorful light provides an interesting dynamism to the space, while white illumination creates a calmer, more serene experience.


    Lambramani Park Mall has renewed its image with attractive lighting in its Central Plaza food court. The lines of light that define the structure have generated a high-impact, dynamic result that highlights the importance of the space. The brightness and intensity of the luminaires combined with the transparency of the glass windows elevate the roof structure as the main element of Central Plaza. Not only has the lighting installation attracted more visitors to the mall, energy consumption has been reduced. Moreover, the project’s lighting designers appreciate the flexibility of design afforded by Vaya Tube’s capabilities and discrete profile. Contractors value the project’s simple installation and compatibility with standard controls.


    "The specification of Vaya Tube was perfect for highlighting Central Plaza’s glass roof, achieving full integration with its architecture. Because of its dimensions, light flux, resolution, and controllability, the solution fits very well with the environment." - Arq. Sabrina Mandel, Lighting Designer, LED-LS LATAM

    Project credits


    Parque Arauco


    LED Solution Design:

    Arq. Rie Sakata, Rie Sakata Lighting Designers



    Show Design and LED Programming:

    Hernan Maluk, LED-LS PERU 


    Supervision of Work On-Site:

    Natalia Távara and Roberto Cortez, LED-LS PERU 


    Project Supervision:

    James Benarroch


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