Carré de Soie

    Vaulx en Velin, France

    Photo Credits: ©Joseph FREY, ©LEA

    French mall glows and grows

    In 2007, Laurent Fachard and Joseph Frey of the lighting studio Les Eclairagistes Associés (LEA) completed the lighting design for a shopping mall covering 180,000 sq m (111.8 square miles) within Carré de Soie, a development devoted to shopping and leisure activities in Vaulx en Velin, France, near Lyon.

    To integrate the main shopping mall with its surroundings, the architects created a sinuous latticework canopy extending outward from the cinema entrance toward the avenue. LEA outlined the flowing "arms" of the structure with 16,000 individually addressed full-color iColor Flex SLX nodes (now specified with Flex Compact gen3, RGB) in 490 separate strands. These strands of light were chosen for their flexibility, easily integrating within the curved structure.

    Using Light System Manager (now specified with iPlayer 4) controller from Color Kinetics, the Flex system displays dynamic and intricate full-color light shows, which vary according to the seasons and the commercial needs of the development's management. The latticework is fully illuminated with sparkles, bursts, and chasing rainbows of color whenever the cinema is open during the evening and night.
    Project credits


    Arte Charpentier, Faulkner & Browns

    Lighting Design:

    Laurent Fachard and Joseph Frey, Les Eclairagistes Associés

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