Prague, Czech Republic

    Office building starts a light dance after sunset

    Color Kinetics recently completed a project of illumination of the facade of the BBCenter “A” building in Prague. This unique architectural lighting project combines static lighting with a dynamic lighting show, creating a unique concept of building presentation.


    The multifunctional BB Centrum complex (25 hectares) is comprised of 17 buildings, 12 of which are office buildings, two residential projects, a fitness and wellness centre, social centre, elementary school, nursery school and now also high school. The concept of the office buildings fulfils the clients’ most demanding criteria for a practical and comfortable design of spaces of the highest quality, on the best technical and technological level.


    The buildings are certified according to BREEAM. Most of the BB Centrum buildings have extensive terraces, decorated with trees and foliage, also featuring benches and relaxation zones.


    The concept works both with the classic static lighting of the facade and with the dynamic lighting show, creating a completely unique light concept that enhances the architectural features of the building which consists of vertical and horizontal steel pipes that are separated from the building by a glass plate. The project was created using Color Kinetics products and systems.


    As part of the building's dynamic architectural lighting project, 127 Burst Powercore spotlights were used. These luminaires provide rich color and are controlled by iPlayer3 controller. In addition to aesthetic demands, this light solution also meets the high energy saving criteria.

    Thanks to the manageable system, the whole lighting concept of the building can be remotely programmed to create a unique light show. The illumination is set to 5 minutes static turquoise color lighting mode which is followed by 5-minute-long dynamic lighting show in different colors. The dynamic lighting system of the facade is active all year long, starts around 15 minutes after the sunset and lasts until midnight. During the winter time (from October 9th to April 12th), it is also being turned on in the early morning hours - 10 minutes after the sunrise.

    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Jaroslav Smetana

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