Bauman Garden

    Moscow, Russia

    Photo Credits: Buzin Andrey

    Moscow garden grows and glows with light

    Bauman Garden, a small park founded in the 18th century in Moscow, Russia, is one of the few green areas remaining in the city center. In the 19th century, the garden was home to famous philosopher Chaadaev; it is now a popular refuge from the bustling city. The garden features several federal monuments, including a grotto and a mansion dating back to the 18th century. It also contains volleyball and basketball courts, an open air theater, and other facilities.

    As part of a larger project to improve Moscow's parks and gardens, Bauman Garden was recently renovated with additional greenery and facilities. The Bauman Garden Administration also commissioned lighting designer Mikhail Ivanov to add to the existing functional lighting to create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere inside the garden after dark. The Administration intended for the new lighting to redefine the garden's image and increase safety in the area, making it as popular a destination at night as it is during the day. Ivanov designed a comprehensive LED lighting solution for the project.

    Ivanov selected LED lighting for its low energy consumption and versatility, making it suitable for various applications throughout the garden. A combination of Signify luminaires, coordinated by a Pharos controller, created the desired lighting effects.

    ColorBurst Powercore wash lights, powered by a Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro, are installed at the base of the trees and carefully positioned to shine colored light into their canopies. eW Burst Powercore spotlights illuminate the directional signs throughout the garden, enabling visitors to navigate the park after sunset. The volleyball court is outfitted with ClearFlood spotlights, designed to emit 4000 K white light, in compliance with international standards for illuminating sporting venues. Vaya Flood luminaires, suspended below the cylindrical roof, transform the old outdoor theater into the park's crown jewel by illuminating it with white light. Color Kinetics projectors cast star-patterned light across the theater area in summer and snowflakes in winter. eW Burst Powercore luminaires highlight the Bauman monument, which no longer fades into the darkness at sunset, but is now a key feature of the park at all times. Garden employees can use an iPad or iPhone app to control the lighting from anywhere in the park, allowing them to easily adjust the park's lighting for any occasion.

    Lighting has transformed the Bauman Gardens into a popular nighttime destination for Muscovites and tourists alike, who can gather to stroll through its paths, see an outdoor movie, or attend a performance at the theater. The new lighting system has significantly reduced energy consumption and costs.

    "I am proud of the result and especially proud of visitors' reactions to the garden's new lighting," said lighting designer, Mikhail Ivanov.

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    Mikhail Ivanov

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