LED Lighting Systems

Prague Marriott Hotel

Prague, Czech Republic

Photo Credits: Marriott International, Inc.

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The Prague Marriott Hotel, located in the heart of the city and minutes away from major attractions, would naturally be a central tourist destination. But the hotel is not content with allure by default, instead boasting unique crystal fixtures and distinct d├ęcor to delight customers and bring to life their motto, "Creating crystal moments." So when hotel management needed to implement lighting, they wanted an installation that would showcase their ornate interior design, and Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures proved an integral part of their solution.

To illuminate the hotel's intricate architecture, management turned to eW Cove QLX Powercore linear LED fixtures, which now provide widespread, even light across the entire ground floor of the hotel. The fixtures are easy to dim, allowing staff to create diverse moods and appropriate ambiances for different meal times. Other Philips LED fixtures are also used for general illumination throughout the hotel.

This comprehensive Philips solution has proved an environmental boon, highlighting the all-around success of the installation. "It was worthwhile making the investment since now the whole ground floor is lit with LED lighting, which tremendously reduces our energy consumption and carbon footprint," Rich Enders, the hotel's general manager, explained. "The whole process went very smoothly, and by working closely with the Philips team, we achieved the desired results."

Project Credits

Gary Clark, RDD Interior Architectural Design