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Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey Court Building

Ankara, Turkey

Photo Credits: Istavrit Agency

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The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Turkey Court Building has been an architectural masterpiece since its construction. The award-winning design of the courthouse evokes strength and power. It stands on the outskirts of the city as a symbol of justice and transparency of government.

The Constitutional Court Building was part of the Ankara City Beautification Project, which consisted of over 20 Philips LED lighting installations throughout the city. For the Court Building's beautification, the city wanted the feelings of fortitude that the architecture suggested to be seen throughout the night as it is highly visible from a main highway.

The lighting designer's goal was to emphasize the intricate structure of the building with light. A mixture of amber and white LED lights accented the different layers and materials on the façade. The warm colors also make the courthouse inviting. The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which commissioned the beautification project, selected Philips Color Kinetics fixtures because of the variety of colors offered to achieve the desired look.

Four types of fixtures were needed to add depth and accentuate the complex architecture. Caglar Yilmaz, the lighting designer, used eColor Graze Powercore (now specified using eColor Graze QLX Powercore) in amber and eColor Blast Powercore in amber to illuminate the outer façade and layers of the structure. She used iW Reach Powercore LED floodlights to illuminate the surfaces that had text and logos. She chose eWGraze Powercore to illuminate the main entrance.

"The project has been greatly appreciated by the municipality and has become an example for future lighting projects in the city," said Yilmaz.

Project Credits

Lighting Design:
Caglar Yilmaz

Electrical Contractor:
Detas Group

Halil Ozay & Nezih Atuk