Total Oil Indonesia

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Boosting a brand

    PT Total Oil Indonesia is an affiliate of French-based Total Group, the fifth largest energy corporation in the world. PT Total Oil Indonesia provides commercial fuel, retail fuel and lubricant to downstream industries. Established in 2003, it now has 14 petrol service stations in Indonesia, mostly located in Jakarta.


    Eyeing to bolster its efforts towards achieving more sustainability in its business operations, PT Total Oil Indonesia set its sights on adopting eco-friendly lighting solutions that help achieve cost efficiency without sacrificing lighting quality and performance. On top of that, going green also aligns with the company’s plans to enhance its corporate image as a responsible, sustainability-driven enterprise.


    After giving the service stations a thorough survey, Signify recommended the use of its LED lighting solutions for petrol service station lighting– the Mini 300 LED, Vaya Linear and Vaya Flood.


    “For the fuel dispensers and panels, we suggested Vaya Linear and Vaya Flood to give sufficient light with minimal energy consumption,” explains Robert Cahyadi, Project Manager, Signify.


    “The Signify team has been able to deliver excellent services with its expertise on LED lighting solutions that not only provided sustainability and cost efficiency, but also enhanced the service quality and overall image of PT Total Oil Indonesia’s petrol stations.” -Royyan Kuncara, Project and Liaison Manager, PT Total Oil Indonesia


    Through Signify LED Lighting Solutions, PT Total Oil Indonesia was able to gain significant energy savings, as well as provide better light uniformity and exceptional lighting quality that made its petrol service stations stand out and project a strong corporate image.


    Signify also improved visual comfort and safety within the petrol service station premises by guiding motorists towards the various service points. On top of that, PT Total Oil Indonesia was able to reduce its maintenance costs, thanks to the long lifetime of Signify LED Lighting Solutions.

    Sustainability, energy savings, easy installation, and reduced maintenance costs from Signify LED Lighting Solutions –these advantages are now giving PT Total Oil Indonesia an edge as it leads the way towards making environment-friendly lighting technologies a must among energy companies.

    Project credits


    PT Total Oil Indonesia


    Project Manager:

    Robert Cahyadi, Signify

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