Suramadu Bridge

    Surabaya, Java, Indonesia and Bangkalan, Madura, Indonesia

    Photo Credits: Signify

    A peacock’s palette adorns Indonesia's longest bridge

    Spanning an impressive 5.4 km (3.4 mi) across the Madura strait, Indonesia's Suramadu Bridge is the country's longest, linking East Java to the island of Madura. It's also Indonesia's first inter-island bridge, and has become a shining example of effective transportation infrastructure, enabling the flow of people, goods, and services between the two islands.

    To highlight the important economic role that the Suramadu Bridge plays, Indonesia's Department of Public Works commissioned lighting designer Joice Sandrasari of PT. Karunia Nirmala to illuminate the massive structure. Inspired by the chromatic tail of a peacock, Sandrasari used Color Kinetics LED luminaires to bathe the bridge in an array of vibrant colors.

    The bridge's towering pylons have been turned into decorative beacons of light with 124 ColorReach Powercore floodlights (now specified with ReachElite). With light output of thousands of lumens and extended light projection, these powerful exterior LED floodlights are specifically designed to light large exterior surfaces. The pylons and cable stays are further illuminated with 764 ColorBlast Powercore luminaires, and on special occasions undergo colorful transformations that highlight the color-changing abilities of the LED lighting solution. 396 Philips Decoflood fixtures were used to illuminate the bridge's piers.

    Completed in 2009, the Suramadu Bridge installation stands as a testament to the beauty and effectiveness of an LED lighting solution from Color Kinetics.
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Joice Sandrasari, PT. Karunia Nirmala

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