Santa Fe Suspension Bridge

    Santa Fe, Argentina

    Photo Credits: Post Ingenieria

    Illuminating a Santa Fe icon

    A beloved local attraction

    The suspension bridge that hangs above the Setúbal lagoon, connecting Costanera Este and Costanera Oeste avenues, has become a much-loved tourist attraction in the City of Santa Fe in Santa Fe Province, Argentina.


    Years in the making

    After several years of planning, project development began in September 2016 and the bridge was inaugurated on May 25, 2017. This was a significant event in Santa Fe – the bridge is one of the most important monuments of the city’s history. It represents the modernization of Santa Fe. Its lighting design intentionally reinforces this image. The selected RGBW LED luminaires enable color-change, as well as the possibility of bright white lighting to highlight its architecture.


    Outlining the objectives

    The project’s main objective was to connect both sides of the Setúbal lagoon through light, enhancing the bridge’s dimensions, shapes and fundamental architecture. In addition to providing complementary lighting, it was critical that the solution was simple, safe and reliable. Low maintenance costs and energy consumption were major considerations.


    Dependable partners
    Signify Certified System Integrator Post Ingeniería – an electrical engineering consultancy – took responsibility for the project sale, engineering development, luminaires installation and Pharos Control system programming. The bridge’s previous lighting system used HID projectors and outdated sodium technology. This was completely replaced with a combination of linear luminaires and LED luminaires from Color Kinetics.

    The installation featured ColorReach Powercore gen2 and ColorReach Compact Powercore RGBW luminaires (both now specified with ReachElite), ColorGraze Powercore MX4 RGBW luminaires, ColorBlast Powercore gen4, RGBW luminaires, a Pharos controller (and system accessories). This combination was specifically chosen to deliver a flexible solution that would fulfill all the client's needs.


    An icon for Santa Fe
    The client – the Municipality of Santa Fe – was highly satisfied with the project outcome. Today, the city enjoys unique dynamic lighting every day, fulfilling the Municipality’s main objective. The Municipality of Santa Fe has recovered this unique historical space and restored the value of the city’s iconic bridge.

    Project credits


    Municipality of Santa Fe City


    Certified System Integrator:

    Post Ingenieria

    Project Support:

    Architect Guillermo

    Pasina LIAS

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