The Lowry at Salford Quays

    Salford Quays, United Kingdom

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    An iconic theater entices with a dramatic exterior

    Theaters are ever-shifting venues, always moving forward with new productions, actors, and audiences. The Lowry Performing Arts Theatre complex in Manchester, England captures the evanescent nature of theater by illuminating its dramatic, curved façade with vivid, color-changing lighting from Color Kinetics. The theater’s dynamic exterior perfectly embodies the vibrant creative work going on within it.


    The theater is designed to be largely transparent, enabling visitors to see the thrum of activity going on within the building. But at night its glass and stainless-steel façade becomes the star of the show. Lit by radiant hues and shifting patterns, the impressive façade attracts attention and brings new life to the former industrial area. The complex’s location on Manchester Ship Canal expands impact and interest even more, since the dynamic exterior lighting is reflected in the water below.


    LITE Architectural, a leading LED lighting solutions provider based in Lancashire, UK, designed and commissioned the lighting for the Lowry Theatre. LITE selected Color Kinetics because they wanted simple wiring and installation, high-impact results, and long-term consistency and reliability. LITE worked closely with Color Kinetics to develop a comprehensive LED lighting solution for the demanding project.


    The team selected Flex Compact luminaires to light the curved roofing, since its strands of individually addressable, high-intensity nodes integrate seamlessly and easily with curved surfaces. Powerful Blast Powercore flood luminaires bring bright, dynamic light to an adjoining section of the complex covered with distinctive vertical louvers. For convenience, these color-changing effects can be controlled remotely. When illuminated at night in deep, shifting hues, the Lowry Centre conveys both vibrance and calm, creating a uniquely attractive area that attracts locals and visitors alike.


    All the more impressive is the fact that the entire lighting implementation has been operating flawlessly since its initial installation in 2012—attesting to the reliability and durability of the Color Kinetics luminaires.


    The Lowry Centre is the core of an extensive theater and art gallery complex at Salford Quays in Greater Manchester. The complex was developed by the Salford City Council to deliver exceptional experiences to the community and to foster deeper engagement in the visual and performing arts. It was officially opened in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II.


    The complex includes the Salford Quays Millennium Lift Bridge, which allows visitors to cross the Manchester Ship Canal and access the Lowry Center. An extensive Color Kinetics dynamic lighting solution enables the Salford City Council to illuminate the bridge with millions of saturated colors, all reflected by the historic canal.

    Project credits

    Client / end user:

    Salford City Council


    Lighting Designer and Certified System Integrator:

    LITE Architectural

    Installation & Programming

    LITE Architectural

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