Rochdale Cenotaph

    Greater Manchester, England

    Photo Credits: LITE Ltd.

    Monumental lighting for Rochdale war memorial

    Rochdale Cenotaph is a First World War memorial on the Esplanade in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, in the north west of England. Originally unveiled in 1922, the Centotaph is comprised of a 10-meter (33 ft) pylon and a Stone of Remembrance formed from Cornish granite. LITE Ltd. was approached by Rochdale Town Hall Restoration and Revival Project to re-light the war memorial with modern-day LED lighting, while also replicating the original features of the 1920s. LITE Ltd. worked closely with the Rochdale Heritage Office to design a solution that would complement the memorial as well as have the correct daytime aesthetic.


    Particular attention was paid to the cast iron lantern heads where the luminaires would be situated, in keeping with the monument's historic feel. The client also wanted to have a dynamic color option for certain days of the year, but for the majority of the time to use a high CRI uniform white light. Color Kinetics IntelliHue technology provided the best option, with its ability to deliver high-quality white, pastel, and saturated color light in the same precisely controllable luminaire. Blast Powercore, IntelliHue luminaires were chosen to allow for both white and color lighting options. These were paired with the Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 controller for light show storage and playback capability.

    Color Kinetics' ground-breaking color-control technology lets you target and adjust millions of colors and shades of white light with pinpoint precision. This, combined with LITE’s DMX programming, which has the ability to provide year-round lighting control and full technical support, gave the client the perfect package for this beautiful, bespoke project.

    Project credits


    Rochdale Council

    Certified System Integrator:

    LITE Ltd.

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