Posnania Shopping Center

    Poznań, Poland

    Photo Credits: Signify

    Shopping in the best light

    The lighting concept for the Posnania shopping center uses innovative Color Kinetics LED technology and highlights the investment's modern image.

    Posnania is located in the Rataje district of Poznan. This modern, multi-functional facility offers customers more than 100 thousand m2 of luxurious commercial, cultural and recreational space. It is the third largest shopping center in Poland. The investor, Apsys, brought it back to life by renewing this long-forgotten part of the city. It focused on sustainable construction, modernity and exclusivity. Posnania offers its customers a dedicated mobile app that facilitates shopping and navigation inside the mall. Visitors will find a series of additional amenities, such as concierge services, valet parking and hands-free shopping. The project also features a comprehensive lighting system based on Color Kinetics LED technology.

    "In such a technologically advanced project and with great emphasis on every detail, we decided to use IntelliHue technology. Similar solutions are used in stage and theater lighting. IntelliHue provides advanced mixing of colored LED light so as to achieve the highest quality of white light and the full spectrum of different colors from one fixture, with excellent control of their saturation and all shades of colored light. This technology makes it possible to obtain primary colors through the full palette of pastels, which in the case of LED lighting is unique."
    Jakub Guzniczak, Sales Application Specialist, Signify

    The individual approach to consumers' needs, compliance with stringent sustainable development criteria and application of new technological trends meant that the authors of the Posnania project had to take care of every single detail. Due to longterm efficient cooperation of Apsys with Signify, the company asked its trusted partner to offer consulting services. Detailed analyses and comparative tests showed that the existing design of the lighting system, based entirely on conventional solutions, was a far cry from most recent trends. Therefore, the experts suggested that it be updated, guaranteeing success despite the project's tight schedule and the fact that it was already at an advanced stage. Works were guided by the notion of "conscious construction." The investor, technological partner and contractors were joined by the technical director whose primary responsibility is to manage the completed building.

    The decision-making process went well as it was based on a partnering approach and mutual trust. Applying state-of-the-art lighting solutions, such as the completely new RGBW fixtures or the lighting control system that is connected with BMS turned out to be the perfect choice.

    Among others, the Color Kinetics IntelliHue luminaires are responsible for creating the lighting scenarios. Each of them offers a perfect white as well as a variety of different colors of light, while maintaining full saturation control. This technology is widely used in stage and theater lighting. The architectural qualities of the building are also emphasized by subtle linear lighting. A culmination of the lighting concept prepared by Color Kinetics is the solution used in the Cristal Forum zone, a commercial space dedicated to premium brands. Small point LEDs are designed to imitate the starry sky. The large crystal chandelier and a glass facade additionally highlight the exclusivity of this place. The entire structure is complemented by external lighting, which is an integral part of the mall. The final result met the investor's expectations and significantly influenced the Posnania shopping mall's image. Within just four hours of the its opening, the mall attracted over 40,000 shoppers! The right choice of lighting has caused that, in accordance with its creators' assumptions, Posnania attracts attention and sets new technological standards. All this is done while maintaining excellent parameters of electricity consumption.

    "We gradually worked out a solution that convinced the investor and architects as it was not limited to meeting normative conditions. The system gives the possibility to create lighting scenarios while maintaining excellent energy consumption parameters."
    Anna Stasik, Key Account Manager, Signify
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    Apsys SA

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