Pearl River

    Guangzhou, China

    Photo Credits: Signify

    Guangzhou facades glow

    Home to a population of over 14 million, Guangzhou is one of the most populated and fastest growing cities in the world, with the Pearl River running through the city and adding to its charm. The river is popular among local residents for its unparalleled beauty, decorated with uniquely designed buildings on both sides. Night tours on the river have become a core tourist attraction in Guangzhou, drawing tourists from around the world.


    To add to the enjoyment of the tours, new lighting systems supported by Signify have been installed in the 24 landmark buildings, including Hotel Landmark Canton, Tianzi Plaza, Jiangwan Business Center, and Guangdong Navigation Building, in the CBD area along the Pearl River. At night, the lights from the buildings are reflected in the river, creating spectacular watercolors to enchant citizens and tourists. As well as highlighting architectural features, the connected LED lighting is used to create dynamic light effects and images to be projected on the buildings such as blossoming flowers.


    “Connected architectural lighting unifies technology and art, unlocking new possibilities for urban lighting projects and designers. By illuminating the city’s riverside buildings, a dazzling urban artform has risen to enthrall citizens and visitors alike. The beautiful lighting is also highly energy efficient and illustrates our leadership in connected lighting and lighting for the Internet of Things.” said Jacques Letzelter, Global Business Leader Public Segment at Signify.

    To illuminate all 24 buildings a staggering 200,000 Color Kinetics light points were used and are monitored and controlled by Philips ActiveSite. Compared to conventional lighting, the new LED lighting system is expected to save up to 75% electricity compared to conventional lighting as well as reduce operational and maintenance costs.

    Project credits
    Beijing Philips Electronics Service Co., Ltd
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