Philips ActiveSite

    ActiveSite is discontinuing, if you are a new customer, have a look at Interact Landmark and its asset management capabilities.





    As of December 9, 2021 Color Kinetics is aware of the log4j vulnerability – termed as Log4Shell or LogJam (CVE-2021-44228). Our R&D team tested the ActiveSite application, both the cloud component and the ActiveSite Gateway and the Light System Manager Lighting controller and concluded that ActiveSite is not vulnerable to Log4Shell.


    • Monitor System Performance
      Using rules configured specifically for your installation site, Philips ActiveSite generates alerts that inform you about system warning signs and individual component failures.

    • Centralized control
      Control multiple installation sites, from anywhere in the world, using a single dashboard.

    • Data Analytics
      Using historical analysis generate charts and reports that offer unprecedented insight into system operations.

    • Seamless updates
      Philips ActiveSite harnesses the power of cloud technology to provide automatic software updates, reducing maintenance downtime associated with system upkeep.

    • Asset Management
      Conveniently retire replaced luminaires or power supplies into the archive section.

    • Secure connectivity
      Encrypted HTTPS communication between the web browser, Philips ActiveSite Server, and ActiveSite Gateway. Underlying SSL/TLS technology uses long-term public and secret keys to encrypt data flow between client and server.

    • Refresh content remotely
      Remote access allows lighting programmers to update or change lighting effects without being onsite.

    • Data log storage
      System data logs are stored on the ActiveSite Gateway, providing convenient access to data and information.

    • Remote troubleshooting and diagnosis
      Qualified field service personnel can remotely access your system and quickly take action on system alerts to assist with troubleshooting.

    • Remote Device Configuration
      After an installer replaces a faulty part, configuring the new part happens remotely via the cloud, eliminating an on-site visit from a system expert.

    • Reduce maintenance and installation costs
      With no software to install or servers to buy and maintain, the cloud-based Philips ActiveSite software platform lowers your overall costs.

    • Controller agnostic
      Works with industry controllers that support KiNET, providing flexible design options for your lighting designs and installations.