Philips ActiveSite

    Remotely monitor and manage dynamic architectural LED lighting systems with cloud-hosted connected lighting software.

    Philips ActiveSite is a cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) system that enables remote monitoring, management, and maintenance of Color Kinetics LED lighting installations. Philips ActiveSite protects your brand and lighting system investments by ensuring optimal lighting system performance with very little downtime.

    Philips ActiveSite connects luminaires, controllers, and data to customers in unprecedented new ways. This connected solution provides an array of features that enable facility managers, lighting designers, and field service personnel to perform their roles more quickly and easily. This first of its kind solution in the architectural lighting industry ensures customers can enhance their brand image and enjoy peace of mind.


    • Monitor System Performance
      Using rules configured specifically for your installation site, Philips ActiveSite generates alerts that inform you about system warning signs and individual component failures.

    • Centralized control
      Control multiple installation sites, from anywhere in the world, using a single dashboard.

    • Data Analytics
      Using historical analysis generate charts and reports that offer unprecedented insight into system operations.

    • Seamless updates
      Philips ActiveSite harnesses the power of cloud technology to provide automatic software updates, reducing maintenance downtime associated with system upkeep.

    • Asset Management
      Conveniently retire replaced luminaires or power supplies into the archive section.

    • Secure connectivity
      Encrypted HTTPS communication between the web browser, Philips ActiveSite Server, and ActiveSite Gateway. Underlying SSL/TLS technology uses long-term public and secret keys to encrypt data flow between client and server.

    • Refresh content remotely
      Remote access allows lighting programmers to update or change lighting effects without being onsite.

    • Data log storage
      System data logs are stored on the ActiveSite Gateway, providing convenient access to data and information.

    • Remote troubleshooting and diagnosis
      Qualified field service personnel can remotely access your system and quickly take action on system alerts to assist with troubleshooting.

    • Remote Device Configuration
      After an installer replaces a faulty part, configuring the new part happens remotely via the cloud, eliminating an on-site visit from a system expert.

    • Reduce maintenance and installation costs
      With no software to install or servers to buy and maintain, the cloud-based Philips ActiveSite software platform lowers your overall costs.

    • Controller agnostic
      Works with industry controllers that support KiNET, providing flexible design options for your lighting designs and installations.