Opportunity Pavilion, Expo 2020 Dubai

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Photo Credits: Triangle Power Solutions

    Magical iridescence creates new opportunities

    Expo 2020 Dubai’s Opportunity Pavilion is a public space that invites people from around the world - across cultures, languages, age, and every walk of life - to connect and work together for positive change. The concept of 'Opportunity' embodies the idea that any action we take, no matter how small, can have a meaningful impact.


    The pavilion includes a canopy suspended 32 m (105 ft) above the plaza that combines transparency, light, shadows, and color to constantly transform according to the time of day, light, and people’s movement.


    Furthering the Expo’s theme of ‘connecting minds and creating the future,’ the Opportunity Pavilion lighting concept developed by ELBAZGILDEMONTES conceptually conveys ‘a future to dream of’ through light that changes as people move through it. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used to align with the EXPO’s theme of sustainability.


    Renown as a leader in architectural lighting, Color Kinetics Vaya Flood are mounted on the glass canopy. Several lighting scenes, including ‘Sky over the Ocean’ and ‘Clouds,’ transition throughout the evening to offer guests a new experience with each visit. 


    When darkness falls, Opportunity Pavilion’s stunning lighting system becomes a shimmering presence in the EXPO and in the experience of the Pavilion.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designers:

    Lara Elbaz and María GildeMontes, ELBAZGILDEMONTES 



    AGi Architects



    System Integrator:

    Triangle Power Solutions


    Main and Exhibit Contractor:

    ASGC / ALEC Fitout


    Product Manager:

    Wasim Chakhachirou, Signify


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