Luminance! Festival


    Luminance! Festival is a light art festival and artist development program designed to nurture aspiring artists and encourage experimental ideas. It provides an engaging platform for local artists to express their social views through the medium of Light-Art.

    Signify has a proud history of supporting light art and recognized the potential of Luminance! Festival 2012. The Festival's focus on the community and in particular the youth of Singapore was unique and refreshing.

    Multiple art pieces featured Signify LED lighting products being used in creative ways. In one piece, Vaya Linear was used to create magnified images of wooden cutouts to form words that represent and signify "everyday aspirations." Vaya Flood was placed inside recycled materials that were artistically designed to house the luminaire. The dynamic light effect used in conjunction with recycled materials enabled the artist to convey a clear message of sustainability.

    In this special space where art meets technology, Signify LED lighting products were used to inspire the next generation of artists and help Signify see the amazing possibilities.
    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Tan Sock Fong; Didier Ng Wei Chi; Karen Mitchell


    Ken Teo


    Ken Teo

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