Lucky One Mall

    Karachi, Pakistan

    Photo Credits: Signify Pakistan commissioned photographer

    A memorable mall

    Attention shoppers: dazzling LED make-over for Karachi's iconic new shopping mall façade

    LuckyOne mall transformed with Color Kinetics lighting systems, attracting visitors and creating commercial opportunities

    Signify announced the illumination of one the largest shopping malls in Pakistan — LuckyOne in Karachi — with architectural LED lighting technology.

    Transforming Karachi's skyline
    The dynamic LED lighting, which can create stunning light effects, transformed the mall into one of the city's most iconic new landmarks. The new mall has been designed by Pakistan's renowned architecture firm Arcop Associates Private Limited. The façade lighting concept, undertaken and managed by Signify including installation, commissioning and programming, is leaving a lasting impression on visitors inside and outside the mall.

    "Signify is an ideal partner. We aimed to build a shopping mall which would have no equivalent in Pakistan," said Sohail Tabba CEO, LuckyOne Group. He added, "The façade lighting presents remarkable commercial opportunities as well as entertainment for visitors. It brings the mall to life from the moment visitors approach it from a far to when they enter and experience its interior, right through to the vivid illumination of the Family Entertainment Center 'Onederland'."

    Colorful and sustainable lighting
    The mall's exterior façade is illuminated with dynamic Color Kinetics Vaya Linear MP luminaires controlled by a iPlayer3 controller providing flexibility to create millions of different colors and dynamic light effects. The façade can be lit in special colors for events and holidays and can create spectacular light shows. The indoor walkways and atrium areas are transformed with energy efficient Philips LED down lights. Compared to conventional lighting, the new long-life LED system may deliver up to 60 percent energy savings, as well as saving on operation and maintenance costs.

    "The installation at the LuckyOne mall is the most advanced façade lighting project of its kind in Pakistan. We used the latest generation of Color Kinetics Vaya luminaires to create a stunning and memorable entry point. From a façade that attracts visitors to the mall and to well-lit public areas, Signify's LED lighting delivers a cost-effective and sustainable offering that creates positive impact upon visitors and retailers," says Asad Jafar, Chairman & CEO Signify Pakistan.

    Project summary:

    About the project: The prestigious mall was opened to public in May 2017 and is built on an area of 3.4 million square feet making it one of the largest shopping malls in Pakistan.

    Architect: The mall is designed by architecture firm Arcop Associates Private Limited.
    Project credits


    Arcop Associates Private Limited

    MEP Consultants:

    ElekEn Associates

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