Løvstakken Bicycle Tunnel

    Bergen, Norway

    Photo Credits: Thea Collett, Light Bureau



    Creating a sustainable new connection

    With a focus on sustainability and the environment, pedestrian and bicycle paths that help reduce automobile traffic and pollution have become a priority in Bergen. Cutting through the Løvstakken Mountain, the world’s longest purpose-built pedestrian and bicycle tunnel of nearly 3 km (2 mi) connects residential Fyllingsdalen and the Bergen City Center.


    Great lighting design in the tunnel was very important to the developer, Bybanen Utbygging, so Construction Manager Svein Arvid Oppedal involved lighting design firm Light Bureau in the project. Thea Collett at Light Bureau was responsible for the tunnel’s overall design solution and lighting design that produced the stunning result.


    The tunnel’s dynamic lighting design came to life with 2000 Color Kinetics Archipoint iColor Powercore luminaires installed on top of the cable tray throughout the tunnel and 80 Color Kinetics ColorBurst Powercore gen2, RGBW fixtures (now specified with Burst Powercore gen3, RGBW) installed in a circular formation above an art sculpture located in the tunnel’s central opening. The fully controllable system displays colorful waves of light when a cyclist or pedestrian enters the tunnel at either end, alerting others to oncoming traffic. The beautiful Color Kinetics lighting and art installations lining the interior engage users and provide visual relief inside the long tunnel. In addition to Color Kinetics architectural lighting, 500 Philips TubeLine luminaires installed on the ceiling down the length of the tunnel provide general lighting for cyclists, pedestrians, and runners.


    Exceptional project management by, and coordination between, installer LOS Elektro and Signify helped ensure an efficient process and successful result. "It has all gone quite smoothly and we think the collaboration with Signify has worked very well. We have also had no problems with the products that were installed. It's a long tunnel, so it's been a lot of work, but we worked our way in from each end and had a little bit of internal competition to get to the middle first." - Fredrik Dale Urke, LOS Elektro


    Signify and LOS Elektro collaborated to ensure that this is a sustainable project and minimize its environmental footprint. They sourced the most environmentally-friendly and available solutions, and LOS Elektro only used electric lifts and equipment inside the tunnel to provide healthy air for workers throughout the project.


    “All suppliers for the project were chosen for their environmental profile and sustainability ambitions. The fact that Signify is carbon neutral was a key factor in the decision." - Fredrik Dale Urke, LOS Elektro

    Project credits

    Lighting Design:

    Thea Collett, Light Bureau



    Bybanen Utbygging


    LOS Elektro

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