Lotte Parking Tower

    Busan, South Korea

    Photo Credits: Signify

    Lotte Department Store and the annexed Lotte Hotel are located in the main commercial and entertainment district of Busan, South Korea's second largest metropolitan city. The Lotte Department Store contains an array of retail outlets, restaurants and cafes, as well as a movie theater, galleries and event spaces.

    In 2013, Lotte Department Store constructed an additional parking tower to accommodate their ever-increasing number of guests. Lotte partnered with Color Kinetics to illuminate the 15-story tower with reliable, cost-efficient LED luminaires.

    Vaya Linear White 3000 K luminaires were installed around the perimeter of the ceiling of each level of the garage. The light also shines through the tower's glass walls, making the parking garage visible for miles around.


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    Project credits

    Architect / Lighting Designer / System Integrator:

    Design Team of Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd.

    VAR/Lighting Installer:

    Kunyang Trading, Ltd.

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