Dark Neville St.

    Leeds, UK

    Photo Credits: LITE Ltd

    New vision for barrel-vaulted tunnel

    Granary Wharf is a shopping center that was built atop the brick tunnels of Leeds Station which houses restaurants, shops, exhibition space, and an events venue. As part of the redevelopment of Leeds Station, the third busiest railway station outside of London, a new entrance was created in an old Victorian tunnel system known as Dark Neville St. The plan called for the arches under the railway to be converted into boutique retail outlets, and since the location doesn’t receive much daylight there needed to be a “wow” factor to encourage foot traffic in this part of the station.

    Signify had a concept using a mix of graze and floodlights to illuminate the barrel-vaulted ceiling and the tunnels running down toward the river Aire. ColorGraze Powercore, Blast Powercore, and ColorReach Compact Powercore (now specified with ReachElite) were selected to fill the tunnel with light. Following a site demonstration, the installation went forward and now the area is popular with commuters and shoppers alike.

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