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    Madrid skyscraper makes a bold statement

    CEPSA, an integrated energy company, recently relocated its corporate headquarters to one of the tallest skyscrapers in Madrid, Spain. The corporate move represented the company's expansion and commitment to an innovative workplace to drive its future and to support its international mission. The CEPSA Tower, as it is now referred, is the second tallest building in Spain and a prominent building in the Madrid skyline.

    To reflect its innovative spirit, CEPSA decided to differentiate its new headquarters in the city skyline with an LED lighting system that would allow the company to reflect its corporate colors and use dynamic lighting to celebrate holidays and special events, reflect causes, and react to local or world happenings. Marc Largent, managing director and founder of Magic Monkey, proposed the impressive façade design - two glass curtain walls, designed by Foster + Partners and measuring 250 m (815 ft) over 45 floors, integrated with 2,500 Color Kinetics Burst Powercore luminaires. The Color Kinetics lighting system provided the high-quality light Largent required with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, both especially critical components given the span of the design.

    To protect the lighting investment and CEPSA's stance in the sky, Largent incorporated Philips ActiveSite into the installation. Philips ActiveSite, a cloud-based connected lighting management platform, allows Color Kinetics LED lighting systems to be monitored, maintained, managed, and content to be uploaded, from anywhere in the world. The secure system is easy to commission, with no software to install or servers to buy and maintain, and users can access the cloud-based Philips ActiveSite with any authorized device via the web. With Philips ActiveSite, the luminaires on CEPSA Tower are monitored 24 hours a day. In the case of any system anomalies, authorized users are alerted and can effectively dispatch maintenance crews to the exact location to address any concerns.

    "ActiveSite is a powerful tool and without it, constantly monitoring the façade and identifying an individual fixture issue 250 m (815 ft) in the sky, amongst thousands of other lighting fixtures, would be a time consuming and arduous task," said Largent. "With ActiveSite, we can be anywhere, receive an email alert with the exact fixture location, dispatch a maintenance crew, and quickly and efficiently resolve matters to ensure CEPSA's brand image in the skyline."

    In addition to remote monitoring, Philips ActiveSite has robust content management capabilities, allowing authorized users to change scenes, effects and light shows on the fly.

    In the case that CEPSA has no lighting technicians onsite, they or an authorized Signify technician can remotely schedule content and make it live on the building in short time.

    "With connected lighting on the façade of our Madrid HQ, we can make a bold statement on the city skyline," said Jonathan Keeling, Brand, Advertising and Sponsorship Manager at CEPSA.
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    Lighting Design:

    Marc Largent,
    Managing Director and Founder,
    Magic Monkey


    Foster + Partners

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