Castillo de Molina de Aragón

    Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara, Spain

    Photo and Video Credits: Signify



    Dreamful lighting that transports us to the Middle Ages

    With its origins as an Arab fortress of the X-XI Century, the Castillo de Molina de Aragón (Castle of Aragon) – the largest castle in Guadalajara - was built on the ruins of an Iberian fort and has undergone numerous modifications over the years.


    The most recent project was funded by the Fundación Impulsa Castilla-La Mancha, a non-profit organization that conserves cultural treasures in Castilla-La Mancha. The objective of the project was to attract and encourage tourists to remain in the area at night.


    The design objective was to highlight the extraordinary artistic and architectural details of the historic structure and communicate with residents and visitors using dynamic, colorful light.


    Gerardo González Cantos, who served as the engineer and project manager for the installation, was instrumental in its success. An end-to-end Color Kinetics IntelliHue lighting system was selected for its high quality of light and products, seamlessly integrated solutions, and González's prior experience with, and trust in, Color Kinetics.


    Color Kinetics proprietary IntelliHue technology is an advanced approach to color mixing that produces high-quality white light, subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same precisely controllable luminaire, with unmatched color accuracy across the entire range of color temperatures.


    Color Kinetics ReachElite HighPunch Powercore gen2, IntelliHue (17 pcs), Color Kinetics ReachElite High Output Powercore, IntelliHue (45 pcs), Color Kinetics ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore (10 pcs), and Color Kinetics Graze Compact Powercore, IntelliHue (24 pcs) luminaires were used to illuminate the castle. The ReachElite luminaires were installed inside casements made of local stone for seamless integration with the environment.


    Color Kinetics Light System Manager gen6 (now specified with iPlayer 4) and Interact Landmark provide remote control, management, and monitoring of the lighting system and light scenes through a secure Web platform, minimizing maintenance costs. The castle can be lit in virtually any color, and with individually addressable luminaires, dynamic light displays can easily be programmed and launched from any location. Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro delivers power and data to the innovative system.


    Completed in March 2023, the new Color Kinetics lighting system enhances the castle’s status as an iconic landmark. Conserving and boosting the region’s heritage, the newly illuminated castle is a source of pride for its residents.

    Project credits

    Lighting Designer:

    Enriqueta Diaz, Signify



    Gerardo González Cantos, Engineer and Project Manager



    Casa Álvarez

    Electrical Contractor:

    Casa Álvarez


    Key Account Manager:

    Pedro Alfayé, Signify

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