Graze Compact Powercore gen2, RGBW

    Exterior compact linear grazing luminaire with intelligent RGBW light

    Graze Compact Powercore gen2, RGBW is a high-performance, exterior linear luminaire designed to highlight architectural features like molding details, archways and windows up to two stories high. Graze Compact RGBW luminaires adds a separate white LED creating better-quality whites compared to RGB. Multiple luminaire lengths and beam angles support a large range of façade or surface illumination applications. The brand new low-profile housing, connectorized cabling, a universal power input range, and direct line voltage make Graze Compact luminaires easy to install and operate.

    Product Summary and Specification Sheets


    • Tailor light output to specific applications—Available in 1 and 4 ft standard lengths and three standard 10° x 60°, 30° x 60°, and 60° x 60° beam angles.


    • Innovative optical design features fully mixed light directly out of the luminaire. This allows for smaller setbacks than many other luminaires.


    • Improve color consistency between all LED luminaires in a family with Chromasync technology. During the manufacturing process a calibrated light measurement device creates an algorithm to define a common color gamut for an entire family of LED luminaires. When Chromasync is enabled, color consistency between luminaires is achieved without having to manually adjust color points on each luminaire.


    • Graze Compact provides years of reliable use under rugged conditions. Graze Compact raises reliability even further with more protection from corrosion by meeting ASTM B117 standard and ANSI C136.31-2010 standard with a 3G vibration rating.


    • Convenient push-and-click connectors let you easily and rapidly install Leader Cables and Jumper Cables. Constant torque locking hinges offer simple and consistent position control from various angles.
    • Ultra compact form factor—Graze Compact’s ultra-low profile is half the size of Graze, allowing it to fit discretely into almost any layout, from simple to elaborate.

    • Multiple channels of LED light sources are mixed directly out of the luminaire, allowing for setbacks of 6 inches or less.
    • Customize and optimize Graze Compact by choosing from a full line of high-quality accessories including louvers, glare shields, mounting arms and masking trays. Graze Compact accessories, while optional, are best installed at the same time luminaires are installed.

    • Integrates patented Powercore technology that controls power output to luminaires directly from line voltage – rapidly, efficiently, and accurately. The Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro merges line voltage with control data and delivers them to luminaires over a single standard cable, dramatically simplifying installation and lowering total system cost.


    • Works seamlessly with the Color Kinetics full range of controllers, including Light System Manager, iPlayer 3, Antumbra iColor Keypad, and ColorDial Pro—as well as third-party controllers.