FlexElite iW

    Exterior bright and beautiful flexible direct view luminaire with tunable white light


    FlexElite is the brightest and most flexible member of the Flex family. It includes a redesign of all major elements, from its form factor to internal electronics to mechanical design. We created FlexElite to meet the challenges posed by large, unconventional buildings and structures. At its core, you’ll find an innovative modular design that lets you create the exact number and configuration of nodes that you need for your design. FlexElite’s sections and jumper cables click together quickly and easily, allowing unequalled customization. Longer run lengths and node spacing let you take on larger challenges than possible in the past. FlexElite iW has 4 channels of white light that can be combined to offer variable color temperatures. With our Chromasync technology, you can also use a single channel to provide Essential White light at the same brightness as in 4-channel mode.

    Product Summary and Specification Sheets


    • Modular Design
      FlexElite’s advanced technology frees you from the limitations posed by static numbers of nodes on flexible cables—enabling longer run lengths and node spacing. You can choose sections with the number of nodes you need. Plus, multiple jumper cable lengths let you get the node spacing you need for your design—achieving the right resolution. FlexElite can deliver run lengths of up to 305 m (1,000 ft) per run, with variable distances between nodes. With FlexElite, you can take on a wide range of outdoor direct view applications, from arenas to office buildings to bridges. 

    • Four Channels of White Light
      FlexElite luminaires are natively designed as four-channel luminaires. Choose iW for white light in temperatures of 2200 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, and 6500 K, tunable to anywhere in between. FlexElite includes our proprietary Chromasync technology to enable maximum lumen output at whatever temperature of white light you choose.

    • Proven Reliability
      FlexElite is designed to be extremely reliable, year after year. Thanks to smart design, extensive testing, and years of experience, FlexElite can handle extreme conditions, humidity, heat, cold, and ice—delivering reliable performance.

    • Displaying Video on Your Structure
      Turn your landmark into an icon or simply draw attention to your office tower, stadium, casino, or other structure by tapping the power of video. Before diving into video however, there are some initial questions you need to ask yourself, key elements you’ll need to consider, and some specific technical considerations that you need to address. Read the Color Kinetics Video Guideline for some great advice.
    • Brighter Output
      FlexElite is the brightest Flex luminaire available, outputting over 140 lumens per node in iW versions. Brighter output lets you take on larger structures and create ambitious, large-scale designs that get noticed. And our lumen measurement complies with IES LM-79-08 testing procedures for consistency.

    • Simple Installation
      Push-and-click connectors ensure reliable connections, while intuitive mounting options make it easy for installers to mount FlexElite on any structure.

    • Complete Solution
      An advanced, reliable luminaire is a critical part of your direct-view lighting solution, but it’s not the only element that matters. That’s why Color Kinetics offers a full range of complementary solutions—including power/data supplies, controllers, and much more. All designed and optimized to ensure seamless integration and years of trouble-free operation. For example, we designed our PDS-400 48V CA4 power/data supply specifically for FlexElite. And FlexElite integrates with ActiveSite, our remote monitoring solution.