QuickPlay Pro 2

    Powerful commissioning software for Color Kinetics Lighting Systems.


    QuickPlay Pro 2 lets you configure, setup, and test DMX Address Maps, simulate light points in a lighting installation and demonstrate lighting effects live.


    • Easy Discovery
      QuickPlay Pro 2 allows easy discovery of all devices in either a KiNET (Ethernet) or DMX Color Kinetics Lighting Installation with powerful search, sort and filter-by-device capabilities.


    • Network Activity
      Providing an overview of current activity on the Lighting Network including what network activity is occurring and how long it may take to complete. These tasks work in the background while you continue to use QuickPlay Pro 2.


    • Device Configuration
      Discover all devices, including Color Kinetics and Vaya luminaires, controllers, and power/data supplies to create a network topology. Read a wide variety of properties for each device, determining their current settings, and configure those properties to your specific installation requirements.


    • Setup DMX Address Map
      Each PDS DMX Address Map can be populated by assigning a range of DMX Addresses to a set of luminaires, the write the assigned DMX Start Addresses to the luminaires.
    • Test DMX Address Map
      Test the DMX Address Map on one or more PDS by setting a intensity on set of selected channels.


    • Demonstrate the lighting installation both Live and in Simulation mode
      With Live Demonstration, play dynamic lighting effects live on a selected part of the lighting installation, or with Light Simulation generate a visual representation of the light points for a selected part of the lighting installation within QuickPlay Pro 2.


    • Easy Import/Export
      Importing a map file loads devices and their properties into the Network Topology. Quickly bulk upload IP Addresses to Ethernet devices and/or DMX Addresses to luminaires by importing a csv file.