QuickPlay Pro

    Configuration, testing, and commissioning software for LED lighting systems

    QuickPlay Pro addressing and configuration software lets you configure, test, and demonstrate Color Kinetics lighting systems via computer. In Ethernet (KiNET) lighting networks, you can use QuickPlay Pro to discover all connected devices (luminaires, controllers, power/data supplies, Data Enabler Pro devices), program IP addresses, set starting DMX addresses, adjust luminaire resolution, and test DMX channels.


    • Designed for use with the complete line of color-changing and intelligent white light LED lighting luminaires, power/data supplies, and Data Enabler Pro devices from Color Kinetics.

    • QuickPlay Pro is available as a free download for Windows or Macintosh.

    • Use SmartJack Pro, a compact USB-to-DMX converter, to connect a computer running QuickPlay Pro to a DMX lighting network.