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Antumbra Touch Ethernet Keypad

Antumbra Ethernet Keypad is a compact keypad that triggers up to six Light System Manager, ColorDial Pro, or Antumbra iColor Keypad light shows at the touch of a button. When used with Light System Manager, AntumbraTouch Ethernet Keypad lets you easily trigger shows in multiple zones or locations. AntumbraTouch Ethernet Keypad uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to eliminate the need for a separate power
source, affording greater freedom of placement, higher reliability, and easy installation.

Specification Sheets


  • Multiple keypads in Light System Manager installations

    With Light System Manager, you can install up to 16
    Antumbra Ethernet Keypads to control as many as
    96 light shows in a single zone or location. You can
    control even more shows across multiple zones in Light
    System Manager.

  • Supplied as two components
    The Application Module
    contains buttons, rim, base, and mounting plate, which
    are available in a variety of colors and materials to suit
    décor. The Ethernet Communication Module contains
    all of the logical and network functions and can be
    pre-programmed off-site, allowing commissioning to
    commence prior to finish options being finalized.

  • Multiple language and icon labeling options
    labeling language choices include English, Chinese, and
    Arabic. A library of common icons transcends language
    barriers, which is particularly useful in hospitality
    applications. For more information, refer to the Antumbra
    iColor Keypad Ordering Information Sheet at www.

  • Regulatory Listings
    UL/cUL, CE, CQC, FCC Class A, C-Tick


  • Field effect technology
    The user interface detects
    an approaching user and “wakes up,” initiating a wallwashing
    lighting effect on the Antumbra panel to
    encourage interaction.

  • Fingertip dimming and on/off control
    Easily adjust
    brightness of connected lights, or turn them on and off.
    The AntumbraTouch interface is made of a single, easy-to-clean
    glass panel, and a soft beep lets you know that
    the keypad was pressed.

  • Environment
    Indoor rated, IP20