ColorPlay 4

    Powerful, easy-to-use creative authoring environment with timeline-based show creation, quick commissioning, and intuitive scheduling. 

    ColorPlay 4—our award winning next-generation creative authoring software—puts a wide range of capabilities at your fingertips so you can create great light shows, quickly and easily. ColorPlay is the cornerstone of the complete Color Kinetics creation and control suite, which also includes QuickPlay Pro 2 for advanced device control.

    This innovative suite simplifies and streamlines the entire show-creation process, from commissioning Color Kinetics lighting systems to creating layouts and original content to playing, sharing, and managing final shows. The innovative shows you create with ColorPlay 4 can be used with iPlayer 4.


    • Integrated Workflow
      Authoring content with ColorPlay 4 takes just three intuitive steps—layout creation, content creation, and content management.
    • Simple Content Creation
      ColorPlay 4 makes content creation easier with an extensive range of advanced creative tools, including timeline editor, easy alignment tools, and much more.
    • Intuitive Timeline
      Use drag-and-drop light effects to build a sequenced timeline, storyboard—and stunning light shows.
    • Seamless Integration
      Import site topology (MAP files) from either QuickPlay Pro 2 or Management Tool (Light System Composer)
    • Light Effects Library
      Create your own light groups and apply various light effects, from sweep and custom rainbow, to scrolling across an image to animations.
    • Simple Playback
      ColorPlay 4 simplifies playback with a range of easy-to-use, interactive playback controls.
    • Easy Content Management
      See all devices and their status at a glance. Connect to controllers directly and upload files with a powerful one-click process. 
    • Robust Color Control
      Specify colors accurately and consistently across luminaire families.
    • Flexible Platforms
      ColorPlay 4 is available for Mac and Windows OS.