Concealed Interior

    PureStyle & PureStyle Compact, and Cove

    Conceal the light, reveal the beauty

    PureStyle & PureStyle Compact

    Create stunningly beautiful interiors with our full portfolio of breakthrough concealed lighting solutions.

    Achieve your vision—from ambient to over-the-top—with our portfolio of concealed lighting solutions. They deliver remarkably short setbacks, breakthrough optics, extremely consistent output, and other compelling capabilities. Plus the most important of all—inspiration.

    When you look at our Concealed Interior portfolio the first thing you notice is the wide variety available.


    PureStyle & PureStyle Compact offer high-quality white light and fully saturated colors in either compact luminaire.

    Cove luminaires are high-performance LED luminaires in a wide variety of options, perfect for accent and aesthetic effect lighting. The Cove family is available in two versions:

    Cove MX Powercore has exceptional flexibility when filling indoor alcove and accent spaces with vibrant light.

    Cove QLX Powercore provides generous light output at performance power consumption levels.


    PureStyle & PureStyle Compact

    PureStyle, our premier family of LED lighting solutions for concealed lighting, has been expanded to include both PureStyle and PureStyle Compact.

    PureStyle Powercore luminaires bring high output in a small, easily concealed luminaire. PureStyle delivers exceptionally high-quality light for a wide range of interior applications from cove to wall-washing to backlighting and beyond.


    PureStyle Compact Powercore luminaires are ideal for soft glow, backlighting, and low intensity wall washing. The slender form factor is the perfect complement to PureStyle, providing the same high efficacy and CRI, but designed for jobs where space is at a premium. 


    Unbeatable Performance
    Major innovations, including a unique optical cluster, enable PureStyle to deliver up to 96 CRI, and color temperatures that range from 2000 K to 10000 K—all with superior beam quality that delivers bright, smooth light.

    Innovative Design

    With its compact size and an extremely short mixing distance, PureStyle can excel in areas where traditional linear luminaires are impractical.


    White and Color Light

    PureStyle combines high-quality tunable white and dynamic color light in one innovative, high–performance luminaire that’s easy to install and control. IntelliHue improves color consistency between all LED luminaires in a family with Chromasync technology.


    90+ CRI and High R9 Values
    PureStyle delivers white and dynamic color light with a CRI >90 at any point from 2700 K to 6500 K, and R9 values that can reach up to 87.


    Higher Efficiency, Lower Cost
    All PureStyle luminaires integrate Powercore technology, which controls power output to luminaires directly from line voltage (100 to 277 VAC) rapidly, efficiently, and accurately

    Versatile accessory options
    PureStyle Compact works with the same cables and mounting track as PureStyle to simplify installation. The new field cuttable masking shield can be altered to fit your unique  installation.

    Cove MX Powercore, Cove QLX Powercore

    Ideal for accent and aesthetic effect lighting in brightly lit environments—including retail stores, nightclubs, lobbies, atriums, and other locations.

    Cove MX Powercore delivers the highest light output in solid white. Cove MX Powercore can be used for accent lighting and indirect general illumination, as well as the full range of wall and ceiling cove applications.


    eW Cove QLX Powercore is a high-quality, elegant, low-profile luminaire that delivers up to 432 lumens per foot of white light at an affordable price. eW Cove QLX Powercore is designed to replace traditional cove lighting sources for wall and ceiling glow effects, wall washing, and indirect lighting from a single cove.


    Cove MX Powercore
    Light options include white light in three color temperatures (3000 K, 3500 K, or 4000 K).


    Easy adjustment
    Luminaires rotate 180 degrees, allowing easy adjustment. Once positioned the luminaire can be locked in place.


    Rugged connectors
    End-to-end locking power connectors can turn a full 180°.

    Cove QLX Powercore
    Light options include white light in three color temperatures (3000 K, 3500 K, or 4000 K).


    Provides generous light output at approximately 38% less energy than Cove MX Powercore.


    Easy adjustment
    Luminaires rotate 180 degrees, allowing easy adjustment.  

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    Choose the right Concealed Interior luminaire for your needs.

    IntelliHue Products


    IntelliHue - Best quality white light, (tunable from 2000 K to 10000 K), subtle pastels, and fully saturated colors in the same luminaire.

    iColor Products

    RGBA - Expanded color range of warmer tones—gold, yellow, and orange, as compared to RGB.

    eW Products

    eW (Essential White) - White light in solid color temperatures such as 3000 K, 3500 K, or 4000 K. See individual products for specific color temperatures.